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How do you turn iron into steel? You heat it. You pound it. You drown it in cold water. You take a soft metal and make it hard. YOU FORGE IT. 

The Spartan Forge is a hand-hammered steel plate that contains 20 holes and 20 individual pins. Each hole represents a goal you set, obstacle you face, mountain you climb, or life you change. With each goal or accomplishment you achieve, you'll place a pin in an empty slot. 

Write down your 20 goals. Will you complete a Trifecta this year? Do you want to help your friend train for their first Spartan race? Set goals that are tough but reasonable—and put deadlines on them. Place the Forge where you'll see it every day: beside your bed, on your desk, next to your toothbrush, wherever.

At Spartan, doing hard shit and being ok with it is a way of life. Seeking discomfort and avoiding complacency are principles we live by. The Forge was created to remind us that we are all being forged into greater, tougher people and to celebrate that process. When you have a weak moment, lean on the forge, and remember what we Spartans do: never give up, ever.

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