I am a mom to four boys, happily married and the Director of Marketing, Communications and Membership for an international association. I am Martha Stewart, ok not really, I have always dreamt of being a hipper, better dressed, on the cutting edge Martha Stewart, but without the jail time.

Somethings about me:

  • I am a beauty product whore.
  • I have killed several forests because I can’t help it-I love shiny, glossy magazines. Fashion, home decor, food, bring it on.
  • I am crazy. After a long 10 hour day at work I will come home and actually think it is a good idea to attempt a new recipe that says its preparation time is three hours.
  • I would rather eat chips and salsa than chocolate or sweets.
  • I love throwing theme parties with an element of surprise.
  • I write down everything.
  • I do not like clowns-thanks Grandma.
  • I will set a new pair of shoes by my bed and stare at them until I fall asleep.
  • I have a weakness for sharp dressed men and their shoes-what drew me to my husband.

What do I see this being? A teeny tiny break from your day, a snippet of your time, a moment to relax, a two minute read. Me sharing with you what hooks me in.

Thanks for reading!



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